Tree Watering

Don't forget!  Your trees need water!



This is to remind you to please water your trees.  Water is essential for tree health and the critical factor for tree survival after planting.  It is essential to make sure trees have enough water. Newly transplanted or young trees are especially at risk during times of drought because their root systems are smaller.  It's been hot without rain and trees need to be watered.  The trees need a minimum of 15 gallons/week.  15 gallons = 3 KIB bucketfuls,15 milk jug fulls or 1 hour of trickle from a hose.  If you do not have a KIB bucket and want one, please come to the office and get one.


Watering Tips:

1.  Water your tree for the first three years after planting.

2.  Give your tree 15 gallons of water, once a week, from May 1 to October 31.

3.  Set a hose to a slow trickle under the tree’s dripline (from trunk to furthest extending branches). 

4.  Or, use a soaker hose, which can water a greater area of the root zone and does not need to be moved as often. 

5.  You can also water each new tree with 15 gallons of water each week using a 5-gallon bucket.  Slowly pour three full buckets at the base of each tree once per week.

6.  Avoid short, frequent watering of trees because this usually does not penetrate deep enough into the soil, and only encourages roots to grow toward the surface.

7.  Watering should soak the top foot of soil.